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Ending Global Poverty

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By host - KaburuA
Imagine a world where everybody has food to eat, a shelter to live under and clothes to wear. Now imagine the actual world where almost three billion people live on less than $2.50 per day and don’t have food, clothing and shelter. Do you see the massive difference between these two worlds ? Under SDG#1 there are seven (7) main targets for the world to achieve by 2030 –
1. Eradicate extreme poverty
2. Reduce poverty by at least 50%
3. Implement Social Protection Systems
4. Equal rights to ownerships, basic services, technology and economic resources
5. Build resilience to environmental, economic and social disasters
6. Mobilise resources to end poverty
7. Create pro – poor and gender sensitive policy frameworks
If you were to show every person these goals, they’d agree with the agenda and think that it makes perfect sense for the world right now. Just agreeing is where majority of people stop though, but forget doing something about it and be the difference towards achieving this agenda.
The most recent UN SDG progress report painted a mixed picture for SDG1, with long term progress in tackling absolute poverty hampered by continued cases of extreme poverty, especially in Africa and parts of Asia. Further progress is also being hampered by the limited reach of social security schemes and growing fears that current and future climate impacts will undermine development efforts, hitting the poorest countries hardest.
While extreme poverty has been reduced considerably in the past decades, there are pockets of the world where it still stubbornly persists,the UN said in its overview. Detailed analyses reveal that certain groups are much more affected by poverty. Ending poverty requires universal social protection systems aimed at protecting all people throughout their life cycle, and targeted measures to reduce vulnerability to disasters and address specific geographical areas within a country. #SustainableDevelopment #SDG1 #EndPoverty #HumanityandInclusivity
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