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Solutions to Zero Hunger by 2030

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By host - KaburuA
The food and agriculture sectors play a crucial part in ending hunger and poverty. When managed appropriately and responsibly, they can feed the entire planet, generate income, boost development in rural populations and protect the environment.
Faced with this situation, ending hunger has become number two on the list of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which were approved in September 2015 during the historic Sustainable Development Summit, a meeting at which over 150 heads of state and government approved the so-called Agenda 2030.
Malnutrition is concentrated in Asia and Africa, where countries like Ethiopia,south sudan and Kenya were declared in famine in 2017. But hunger also affects a great many areas in Latin America and the Caribbean, where food insecurity is increasing.
It is estimated that by 2050 there will be some 2 billion more people on the planet, but there will be 25% less cultivable land. This calls for sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural practices that will put an end to hunger, ensure food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
Although malnutrition has been warning since 2000, it is still paramount that we intensify our efforts to change cultivation and production systems, and to promote access to resources by women farmers.
We must retain & strengthen country ownership. Developing countries who suffer disproportionately from food insecurity must take the lead in defining their own path to prosperity.
No country can be strong when its people are weakened by hunger.The role of civil society in constantly encouraging governments to make agriculture a priority is vital
Increasing food security not only lifts the shadow of hunger from hundreds of millions of our fellow human beings. It also builds up economies and trade and minimizes the risk of political instability.
High birthrates pose a problem when trying to solve hunger.Many people are not educated on reproduction or do not have access to contraceptives,gaining access to contraceptives allows for family planning & economic freedom.
There is a direct correlation with hunger and gender inequalities.Empowering women to gain access to food,be providers & lead their families has had a major impact on food access & ability to change financial situations.
Aid to foreign nations needs to be more focused on government intervention,like programs that provide food to mothers & their children in poor areas
Education is the best weapon against poverty and hunger.It is especially powerful in underdeveloped countries. Education means better opportunity & more access to income & food.
Almost one-quarter of undernourished people live in an urban environment. Recently,there has been a big push for urban farming.Urban farming empowers families to gain control over their own food source.
Helping people in poor countries to gain access to credit as loans which are then repaid create many industries such as farms that help create a sustainable provision for people & also develop nations economically.If these people do not have access to credit,they cannot start up industries that combat poverty.
Healthy ecosystems will contribute to food security by making food systems more productive and stable in the long term. Healthy ecosystems also strengthen the resilience and adaptability of farming systems to climate change, extreme weather, flooding and other disasters.
We must all work to ensure that environmental changes do not threaten the availability of food year round, or undermine the nutritional needs of poor and vulnerable communities – particularly children, women and older people.
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So agree with what you are saying here. Our planet can be healed through regenerating the soil and creating healthy food.
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