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Gather App (WeGather) – Introduction

As the living trends have shifted to an angle of 180 degree, so does the trends of software has evolved too. In this modern era everybody prefers to have a whole lot of the world into their pockets and bags filled with electronic gadgets like cell phone and tablets.

To advance and cope up with the latest trends of mobile apps, that is a modern take on the word software or application, WeGather; the worlds most trending social networking website with the highest number of users per day, decided not to be left alone behind in this tournament and thus its employees worked day and night to brought to you a more advanced way to connect to the like-minded people across the globe that you never knew existed before.

WeGather is a platform that links like-minded strangers across the whole globe under a single roof. This platform provides an oppourtunity to all of it users, to undergo all the types of discussions that they ever wondered to have. It also provides its user with the power of chosing a certain topic and then creating their own Discussions based on that topic. In such created discussions, all the like-minded people across the globe share their thoughts and views about the concerned topic. They don’t have to worry anymore that what the world would think of them because this platform brings all the people having similar thoughts and interests and links them together with others in a created Discussion.

WeGather is a platform where thousands of people Sign-Up in a single day, making it the most popular social networking platform among the others. Realizing the need of individuals to connect to the world anywhere and anytime, WeGather has abolished the barriers and has introduced its app- Gather App, which now links the like minded people even on the cell phones and other electronic gadgets. Due to this Gather App you no longer have to wait to connect to the globe. Just pick up your cell phone/tablet and Sign-In to WeGather anywhere and anytime. So, never miss the fun as Gather App has come.