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How I Started My Own Fashion Boutique With WeGather

Dropping out of college for the sake of pursuing my dream career was not a cake walk. The realization of having a knack for fashion designing instead of treating patients was life changing. Taking control of my life regardless the innumerable odds stacked heavily against me was frightening yet exciting at the same time. The prospect of having sprung up a vast number of opportunities by dropping out of med school and getting enrolled in a fashion designing diploma geared my life in to a brand-new direction.

However, as daring as that may sound, starting from rock bottom with absolutely no experience in the respective field and zero amount of money in the bank wasn’t exactly every young entrepreneur’s dream. As the burden of impending students’ loans increased, my dream of becoming a fashion designer and opening up my very own fashion boutique started fading away until one day, a very close friend of mine introduced me to WeGather, founded by the esteemed David Price and Michael van Andel.

Having already exhausted all my other means of communication which I found to be quite a scam with my so-called friends asking them to help me get up on my feet, WeGather provided me with an opportunity unparalleled. Being one-of-its-kind, this website, a true masterpiece by David Price and Michael van Andel gathers people from around the world regardless of their age, gender, nationality and/or ethnicity and provides for them a platform to interact freely with one another.

By allowing people to connect from all across the world, WeGather encourages new friendships and businesses to not only initiate but also progress. Unlike its competing social networking sites, i.e. Facebook and/or WhatsApp, WeGather exempts its users from restrains like confining yourself within one specific group of people.

I met my fellow associate some months ago on WeGather. Being highly passionate about fashion designing, his ideas and my executing abilities carved the way for my very own boutique. From renting a place to eventually buying it, WeGather made every single thing take place so smoothly that if it hadn’t been for this site I would’ve still been living off my friends’ money. As my bond with my friend/associate grew stronger, our boutique grew bigger. Transactions, sample sending, design approvals and capital reports; WeGather made all of this possible in the simplest of the ways.

Similarity Of The Interests

Globalizing communication to each and every single person out there, WeGather serves as an excellent site for meeting new people with a similar share of interests (fashion designing in my case). Making friends and trading life stories all along.

Video Calling

Being equipped with features such as video calling, WeGather allows people to interface so that long distance friendships would not feel so long distanced. It also promotes the element of mutual understanding and trust between the people working together as maybe business partners.

Meeting People From Around The World

WeGather brings people from all around the world closer on a single site regardless of their countries or background. This promotes tolerance which makes way for peace.

It has been two years since the establishment of my boutique and I cannot thank WeGather and its founders David Price and Michael van Andel enough for providing me with the stepping stone for it.