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How I Use Wegather To Cope With My Depression

Standing at the top of Mount Everest with your front facing the bottomless pit ahead of you and your back to the meaningless void of your existence behind you, is what depression truly feels like. When the mere act of waking up every single day having absolutely nothing to look forward to starts exhausting you to the extent of making you believe that it’s all over, is surely how it feels like to be plunged deep into the horrible chasm of depression. While this feeling of utter desolation leaves you broken beyond repair, it also feedbacks your mind into taking an initiative to cope up with it.

My realization of being depressed came down tumbling upon me one day as I were out having drinks with my friends. Being surrounded by dozens of people, yet feeling like the loneliest person on earth made me realize how much I needed someone in my life to listen to me. David Price and Michael van Andel may not have been the ones I needed to vent to, but they definitely were the ones providing me with a platform to.

Being the proud developers of a site like WeGather, David Price and Michael van Andel made sure that every person out there would have an access to making their voices heard. In a world where wearing your emotions on your sleeves becomes the sole criterion for others to judge you upon, WeGather promotes this in a way that is not only beneficial to the people but also healthy. When my state of constant depression started affecting every single aspect of my life, I found WeGather to be my last resort of coping up with it. As the people I was most fortunate enough of coming across here not only lent me a listening ear but also a comforting shoulder to cry upon. Instead of getting tired of me and giving up on me, they actually stuck with me and still do, even on days when I don’t even feel like being alive anymore. Having someone to talk to without the possibility of being judged or betrayed, is something I can’t ever thank WeGather for. Providing me with a platform that helped me express my deepest most guarded emotions with people I don’t even share the same continents with, helped me open up to the possibility of a life worth living. By knowing the struggles of others, I found within myself the strength of fighting my own. David Price and Michael van Andel saved my life in a way I never thought anyone could. By introducing me to WeGather, they have made me realize how much of a scam all the other social networking sites are. Just posting pictures and uploading statuses on Facebook rarely helps with depression just like having meaningless conversations with your friends on whatsapp.

It has been more than a year since I have joined WeGather. I have had innumerable conversations about depression and have managed making some really good friends. All in all, I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to David Price and Michael van Andel for making me realize that I am in fact not alone!