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How WeGather Helped Me Launch My Own Photography Business

For as long as I can remember, photography has been my passion. However, I never thought of turning this passion into work that can help me gain a steady income. I had been stuck in odd jobs in the finance sector for 6 years before I realized it was not working for me. I hated my job in every way. However, there were two things which kept me from taking the leap; I knew nothing about starting a business, and I was unsure of my photography skills.

It all changed when I came across WeGather. I was at a Thanksgiving party with friends where they were talking about a social media platform called WeGather. My friend was showing me some new techniques for using a fish lens with his DSLR, and he mentioned how he learned this on WeGather. I was a bit apprehensive at first and thought it would be another scam social media platform, but that night, at home, I Googled the website and was totally hooked with the idea! Started by Michael van Andel and David Price, this new platform was very different from other social media such as Facebook, Google+ or Snapchat.

What Was Different

What I found different about this platform was the way people connected with each other. Michael van Andel and David Price had founded this platform on the concept of likeminded connectivity –where people of the same interests could come together, talk to each other, collaborate and discuss topics they were interested in. I found loads of Photography enthusiasts who were contributing to topic threads which expanded my knowledge of the field. It felt very much like a virtual Photography convention!! Not only this, but because the topics had an expiry date, people actually contributed and talked about it before the time limit approached –this kept the topics from becoming stale or unused. It was far from the scam I had expected it to be –in fact, it was a totally radical concept!

I had been an avid Facebook user before this, and had joined many Photography groups on Facebook, but after using this platform, Facebook groups felt like a scam –I was just another number in the group, and people rarely truly interacted or talked about the subject.

WeGather was the start of my Photography journey. When I met like-minded people, I had behind me enough support which allowed me to think about Photography seriously. I formed deep, meaningful friendships with people who were passionate about Photography, and who helped me learn the basics of running a business by guiding me to more resources and contacts. This led to the start of my Photography Business. I started with a virtual studio where I just offered my services for covering events, however now, I own a space of my own! Michael van Andel and David Price have truly hit on a new and innovative idea in the social media space, and we are all loving it!