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Late Night Gossip Sessions with My Friends on WeGather

Stealing a quick glance at the clock, there were still a couple of hours left till my day’s ending. Weekend was finally here and I for once could not have been more relieved about it. The idea of going back home to a freshly brewed cup of tea and spending rest of the night reconnecting with my friends was all I could think of. The clock finally struck 9 as I began leaving for home after a tedious day of completing projects and meeting deadlines.

“Did you see how dramatic Jamie’s departure from King’s Landing even was?” Sarah wrote.

“Oh my god, YES!” Rachel replied.

“Guess Cersie finally got a taste of her own medicine.” Michael messaged back.

I smirked along, laughing all my troubles away. As the topic of our conversation moved from discussing Game of Thrones to ranting about how horrible our bosses are to us, I couldn’t stop but thinking about my luck.

Having met such a wonderful group of people, who not only listened to me when I felt blue, but also cheered me along on my triumphs, was one of the best things that happened to me. These are people, whom I trust with all my heart knowing that they will always be there for me, despite being entire countries or even continents apart. Yes, long distance friendships. The kind of friendship people give up on so easily that it’s almost comical.

Meeting someone from all across the world and getting to know them, confide in them until they become your friend is what I believe to be one of life’s greatest bliss. Something, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance of coming across if it hadn’t been for WeGather. Founded by the incomparable, David Price and Michael van Andel, serving as a platform for providing people with an opportunity of making innumerable friends worldwide, this website is undoubtedly my means of stress-buster.

For coming home from a lousy day at work and taking it all out with your friends is all you need at times. Trading life stories, gossiping about your old high school friends, learning about each other’s histories and cultures is what WeGather aims on promoting.

Be it dissing your ex for cheating on you with that person he/she always told you not to worry about, or crying like a baby upon hearing one of your friends getting engaged. Sitting in your home, drinking tea and pondering over some meaningful life theory with each other instead of going out to bars and clubs and initiating meaningless conversations is what WeGather so good at. Its creators, David Price and Michael van Andel, certainly understand the importance of social interaction for one’s wellbeing and they have based their entire platform around it. Pure genius!

Unlike its peers, this site encourages friendships that matter without sounding like a total scam. Where on Facebook it’s all about adding people and never talking about a thing, WhatsApp allows you to interact with the people you just know. WeGather however, takes it all to another level by combining the two. Letting you make friends and providing you with a chance of actually flourishing those friendships such that when things get hard, relationships go out of control and you feel like the world is tumbling down upon you; a mere late-night gossip session with your friend on WeGather can make all the difference.

David Price and Michael van Andel, I am beyond grateful for the happiness and comfort your brainchild has brought to my life!