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WeGather – A Great Platform For Potterheads

Charging his way through the king’s cross station and managing to make it to the platform 9 ¾ in time, was all Harry had to worry about his entire Hogwarts life. We on the other hand, as proud potterheads of this magical world of Harry Potter were provided with a platform quite similar to the one Harry had to catch a train from to go to his real home – Hogwarts and be reunited with his family – Ron, Hermione and the others. WeGather serves as our platform 9 ¾ by providing us with a platform to come across our fellow potterheads and bring some magic into our otherwise ‘muggle’ lives.

Penning down the spellbinding world of Harry Potter that swept an entire generation of kids and adults alike off their feet, JK Rowling served as being the sole creator of this worldwide phenomenon. David Price and Michael van Andel, ministered to this phenomenon by developing a site adhering to the globalization of this franchise by bringing millions of potterheads all across the world closer together. Making them interact with one another and sharing tons of fan theories, WeGather helps in the sprouting of new friendships that are bound to last forever. Either it be the shedding of tears over the lost lives of Sirius Black, Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin and Dobby, to name a few, or the celebration of Harry’s win over the evil-some Lord Voldemort; WeGather provides for his potterheads the ultimate site for experiencing all of this together. Meeting new people and reading Harry Potter from their perspective helps in the understanding of this series better. By analyzing each and every single one of the characters from a broader perspective. Such that Severus Snape stops coming off as loathsome as he did in the first place and Albus Dumbledore helps us in the realization of this fact that no matter how perfect we deem to be, somewhere along the line we are all in fact a bit flawed.

Owing to the services of David Price and Michael van Andel, WeGather proves to be a wonderful site for sharing all your insights about Harry Potter in the form of either quotations, fan theories or simply the brilliance of its characters and places. Defending your favorite house and marveling over how each and every one of it holds such a significance at Hogwarts brings potterheads together. They get to talk to each other freely, without being judged by the society that thinks Harry Potter is for children only. As opposed to its competing websites such as Facebook or Whatsapp, WeGather reserves the honor of being one of its kind by promoting friendships and allowing people to express their views and opinions unjudged. Unlike its peers, this site brings an entire group of people with one shared interest under the same roof just like Hogwarts brought all the witches and wizards under one. Friendship being the key element of WeGather bridges the gaps amongst people belonging from varying societies exactly the way, JK Rowling bridged the gap between reality and imagination.