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WeGather Dessert Recipes Exchange Binge From All Over The World

I hardly remember a day in my life where I haven’t had dessert after dinner. It’s almost like a ritual in our family, started by my beloved grandfather who would indulge in my grandmother’s insanely liked bread pudding every single day. Naturally, I grew up eating a lot of desserts beyond that bread pudding but as I grew older, I wanted to experiment on my own in the kitchen. And our personal master chef a.k.a. my grandmother helped me start off. But soon after, she became very frail and could not find the energy to step in the kitchen or even talk much. This made me upset because I knew how big of a foodie she is and how much she’d still love to enjoy a good dessert after her meal.

At that point, I wished she had maintained a dessert recipe book for me to follow but her logic was that the magic ingredient is to play with proportions every time and hence, maintaining a book would have killed the experiment factor which according to her, was the essence of dessert making. But either way, I was determined to cheer her up so I followed ALL food related pages on Facebook that I could find but I was disappointed – nobody was available to answer queries about the recipe or suggest substitute ingredients etc. So while browsing for other, better options I stumbled upon WeGather and I can safely say my life changed.

WeGather, founded by David Price and Michael Van Ander is a very unique social media platform which enables you to meet people with similar interests. I met so many like-minded people also passionate about desserts and the kind of recipes they shared with me – even my grandmother who is super picky about her desserts was blown away. My new friends also asked me to share my recipes and they were absolutely sold. This is what is remarkable about Michael Van Ander and David Price’s ideology – people from so many diverse cultures sharing the same passion coming together. A lot of us concluded that we used to consider ourselves experts on dessert but interacting with each other was an amazingly enlightening experience that helped open our minds to what was possible in the kitchen that never occurred to us on our own.

All of us are addicted to various social media networks but WeGather definitely stands out because instead of encouraging anti-social behaviour like Facebook where you add each other and never talk or WhatsApp where you’re limited to friends/family only or even Snapchat where you just see each other’s snaps and move on, WeGather is bringing back socializing and helping you meet people with similar interests – something we all want but not always get. I would highly recommend all of you to check out this excellent initiative by Michael Van Ander and David Price and benefit from what a ‘social’ media platform is truly supposed to be like, as opposed to the ones that are in fact encouraging anti-social behavior.