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Why Facebook Is So Overrated

In a world where everything is literally just a click away, the people supposedly mattering the most to you have gone the farthest away. With the advent of a new era of social networking, the existence of people in your life has surpassed their meaning in it.

Rummaging through your old high school photographs and finding that iconic “friends forever” one leaves you wondering about you parting ways with your old friends. Nostalgic, you turn towards Facebook only to find them living a life you have nothing to do with. You add them nonetheless in the mere hope of reigniting that friendship but alas! You are just another Facebook friend request for them which they accept out of just a competition with their friends to see whose friend list is the biggest.

You now become “friends” without ever initiating a conversation with them. A mere spectator of their glorious life which they advertise so proudly on their timeline that it leaves you worrying about not getting your baby’s diaper on the right way.

Uploading pictures captioned “wanderlust” or “blessed” while failing those midterms and living off your father’s credit cards is one of the many things that makes Facebook such an overrated social networking website. Pretending to be someone that you’re not by lying about living the kind of life you only wish to live, tends to leave a lot of negative impacts around you. Socially vulnerable people, who then start blaming themselves for others successes see this as a threat and start making their perfectly normal lives a lot more miserable.

By inducing a sense of comparison amongst people, this website promotes jealousy and hatefulness instead of reconnecting old friends and making new ones. People start seeing so lowly of themselves that the remaining bonds of friendships or family contacts they have begins fading away, pushing them further apart. However, in times as such, two people thought of coming up with an idea of a website created solely for making people become closer to their loved ones.

WeGather, founded by Michael van Andel and David Price, aims on making people reconnect with their old friends without stirring up a sense of jealousy based on fallacies. Being entirely unique and distinctive, this website promotes healthy interactions amongst people you not only know but amongst them from all across the world.

Globalizing friendships for the sake of having similar interests, likes, dislikes or the mutual hate about putting pineapples on pizzas; this website serves as the counter-Facebook for bringing people closer. While Facebook remains all about updating statuses and adding one another only, WeGather fixated more on getting to know the people and building up friendships. Founders Michael van Andel and David Price have created this platform to be a haven for people looking for social interaction and fulfilling friendships.

Becoming a grandparent for the first time and getting to know about it through a picture uploaded on Facebook rather than a personalized message gives rise to this gap between parents and their children which can only be fulfilled by communication. WeGather makes that possible, by shortening this gap between the two. Which would have never been bridged by such a site like Facebook, which honestly, I found to be quite a scam. And so, I’m honestly glad Michael van Andel and David Price have founded a platform that fosters truly meaningful relationships.