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We make it easy to access the deal flow of investment professionals and invest alongside them.
from Reykjavík, Iceland, works at Entrepreneur, adventurer, climber, (wannabe) venture capitalist and Ex-footballer. Co-founder @SyndicateInc.
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Twelve years ago I left sunny LA for the cold of Edinburgh and a goal of playing professional football and things have been a riot since then. After achieving the initial goal I realised that I preferred other pursuits and have moved on from there. High-tech project management and product development ensued followed by a return to studies and completion of an MBA at Cambridge.

Now, as co-founder of Syndicate Inc, I'm now focused on helping start-ups raise capital through equity crowdfunding while giving investors the opportunity to invest alongside experienced Business Angels.

I live to learn, experience and gain perspective.

I am a certified PRINCE 2 project manager and have experience with SQL and other light weight coding languages (some front-end and some back-end).

I am a certified SixSigma Green Belt