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It is important to get results from experiment but the most important is the process in getting the results.
from Kansas City, MO, USA, works at Head of Strategy & Engagement.
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I was the Director of the Research Grants team at the National Health and Medical Council. I was responsible for managing and delivering several funding schemes including Project Grants, Development Grants, Targeted Calls for Research and International Collaborations with an annual budget of approximately $500 million. I am also responsible for the Women in Health Science Committee – established to identify barriers and enablers to the progression and retention of women in health and medical research.

I have a PhD in neurophysiology from Monash University. After completing my PhD in 2003, I worked for five years in the Department of Neuropathology at Harvard Medical School focusing on the underlying neuropathology of perinatal brain injury with particular focus on cerebral palsy and stillbirth. Upon my return to Australia, I continued my research at Melbourne University before taking up a position at Medical Council.