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Katie Hopkins
Telling the truths not being told. My supporters lead the way.
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I am a woman on a mission. I am serious about telling the truths not being told. From the systemic slaughter of white farmers in South Africa, to the plight of Christians in the Middle East: I have one clear aim: to tell the stories not being told.

An award-winning documentary maker, columnist for national newspapers, radio talkshow host, and a best-selling author, I have spent over a decade in the media learning my craft, listening to real people, and helping their truths be told.

This is not the lazy journalism of the rest; the Internet as their lone “source” and who sit behind their screens cutting and pasting the opinions of others as content of their own.

This is not the stuff of the Establishment and the political class.

This is living in the migrant camp in Calais, walking the no-go zones of Sweden, living in a cab with a trucker under attack at the ports, and spending time at the side of the road with a prostitute trafficked from Libya to Sicily by charity rescue boats.

This is real life.

I am a Christian conservative. And I will not stand by and watch people – of any walk of life – who love their country be oppressed by mandatory multiculturalism, or the official narrative we are force fed. The powerful have a script and we are expected to follow it blindly, compliantly.