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No word makes me happier than the word 'dad' uttered by my children.
Male, from Washington, DC, USA, works at Blogger, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur.
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I am a married father of two, a secondary school teacher by day and a creative by night. As a blogger, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, I am a keen believer in using my talents to spread love, hope, positivity and food for thought. I have been in education (pastoral, curriculum and middle management) for the past 11 years though has recently scaled back; I now enjoy spending more time with family and pursuing creative and entrepreneurial endeavours.

As a youngster, I secretly dreamed of becoming a track star hence my enthusiasm for bodyweight and HIIT routines! I currently cannot survive the working week without squeezing in a few training sessions!

Ultimately, I am on a mission to use my voice and story to motivate, entertain and inspire others.