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James Howell
Education Leader Company Moral Builder Anti-Bullying Activist Social-Motional-Leader Innovator Structured Recess Creator
works at CF Fitness - CEO and Founder.
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CEO and Founder James Howell has spent more than 20 years in offering his service to nonprofit sectors, focusing his entrepreneurial skills and track & field work ethics to create and develop a successful Business for kids. This program started in San Angelo Texas and later found a home in Long Beach CA, where he moved to continue his Olympic training for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

CF Fitness mission is to see every child across the United States develop skills through fun fitness routines with a safe structured environment while kids increase their higher level of thinking. We make a fun atmosphere for every child at recess, lunch, and PE so every kid feels a part of a team and has fun developing great character through activities. We offer a vital opportunity for kids, teachers, and families to develop a new mindset for physical activities, nutrition, and safety. This allows children to connect with other kids and to expand their way of thinking and grow physically, psychologically and socially