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I want to be an inspirational force for change both in the UK and internationally. I aim to be inclusive, practical and accessible.
from Oklahoma City, OK, United States, works at Director and Principal Consultant.
Was online 4 days ago.

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I am an Organisation Development Professional. and Director & Principal Consultant at Change ItLtd. I have an international upbringing having lived in 5 countries (and working in 2!). My experience over the last 10 years have been both as an external and internal consultant. I have worked across sectors and industries, with large multinationals, local SMEs and within the Higher Education context. My special interest in the group revolve around some very curious questions about working and living in an international environment: How national culture influences organisational culture in an international setting and how this applies to engagement strategies across the globe? How national culture influences how people respond to engagement surveys? How to embrace the diversity of cultures within multinationals to create an engaging culture? How can leaders impact on engagement when dealing with an international team, even sometimes remotely?