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Male, from La Jolla Ranch, CA 93622, USA, works at HawkJsh Technologies - CEO.
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Influenced by the entrepreneurial spirit of my grandfather, I have spent my entire business life in paper converting and manufacturing environments. My grandfather owned a small business; it was here I observed him leading a business and my father inventing unique engineering and manufacturing solutions. After the company was sold, I started Dunjosh Industries, a contract slitting and converting business. I worked and gained hands-on experience while attending and earning a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

I created a new machine control interface software program that gained real-time machine monitoring, efficiency, and profitability increases at all of the manufacturing sites located around the USA.

I founded HawkJsh Technologies. My first-hand knowledge of paper converting and manufacturing allow me a unique quality when working with clients. I have done most of the jobs in the facility because I have been working in the family business for my entire life. I understands how, when, why and where the process needs to happen. Additionally, I surround myself with an exceptionally talented team who share my passion for technology integration and data to help businesses achieve success. Whether it is software products or unmatched IT Services, I am dedicated to providing the best talent, solutions and customer service for all my customers.